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Neon signage Midwest


Catholic Shoppe
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The neon window sign at the Catholic Shoppe glows down on the display of the words Pope Benedict. 06-05



Booby Trap
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

This neon sign still glows brightly outside of the Booby Trap, a strip club in Detroit, MI. 06-05



Jesus Saves
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

This Jesus Saves location in Indiana brings hope with its neon cross and bright neon lettering. 06-05



24 Hrs Coffee
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The neon lettering advertising 24 HRS Coffee is a familiar display seen at many locations. This sign brings comfort to many a roadside traveler. 06-05




Dotty's Chapeaux Boutique
St. Joseph, IN
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The glow from this pink sign is the rather eye-catching signage advertising the business Dotty's Chapeaux Boutique, located in St. Joseph, IN. 06-05



Smithereen Exterminators
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

Here's a nice neon shot of the Smithereen Exterminators sign. Check out the image of the neon mouse at this Chicago, IL location. 06-06





Clarksville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

When you travel north out of Louisville KY. on I-65, the neon Colgate sign and its clock is one of the first things you will see on the Indiana side of the Ohio river, The clock is 40ft in diameter and is 100 years old (1906). It was originally on top of a building in Jersey City, NJ, and moved to Clarksville Indiana in 1922 when Colgate set up a toothpaste factory there. (Here's a shot of the clock that replaced it in Jersey City)

The neon was added in 1924 and locals say it is the second largest clock in the world, (supposedly the one in NJ that replaced it is the biggest at 50ft ). Sad to say but Colgate is moving its factory to Mexico and will close the Clarksville facility in 2008. The state of Indiana is listing the clock on its 10 most endangered historical sites list. No word yet on the fate of the old clock. Many thanks to Doug Harvey for info. 10-06










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