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Neon signage Midwest


Roselyn Bakery
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Roselyn Bakeries were located all over the metro Indianapolis area, but most or all may be closed up now. 12-07



Castle Rock Curios
St Ignace, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out the neon sign at Castle Rock Curios at St Ignace, MI. 12-07



Leske's Supper Club
Madison, WI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Leske's Supper Club is located in Madison, WI and sport this neon lettering on its sign. 01-08



Marion Camera (Gone)
Marion, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The neon lettering for the Marion Camera store in Marion used to be a welcome sight. Marion Camera closed about 5 years ago and is now gone. 01-08



Amused Clothing
Lafayette, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

This new neon sign for the Amused Clothing is a play on words for the used clothing store. The neon colorful letters really catch the eye of passersby. 10-08


Bridal Boutique
Hobart, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Bridal Boutique shows off its window neon sign. 10-08



Griffith Furniture
Griffith, IN
Photo courtesy Barney Slifer

The Griffith Furniture store shows off its blade neon sign glowing at night in Griffith, IN. 10-08



Avanti Limousines
Highland, IN
Photo courtesy Barney Slifer

The neon for Avanti Limousines in Highland glows across arch over the driveway. 10-08





Ancelor Mittal
E. Chicago, IN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Arcelor Mittal rooftop sign sits atop this E. Chicago, IN building. The building used to be the Inland Steel Building. 11-08












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