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Town & Country Motel
Denver, CO
Photos Tammy Terwelp

Denver, CO is home to the Town & Country Motel and this gem of a motel. The lettering on the side of the Town & Country is classic with its script. Check out the way the "motel" letters run vertical down the chimney. 11-09

(Near left) The letter at the Town & Country Motel

(Far left) A look at the motel



Lamplighter Motel
Longmont, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Check out this old roadside motel found in Longmont, CO. The Lamplighter Motel features both a name and marquee reminiscent of the old mom and pop motel era. This motel is located near the Quality Liquors and its big yellow boomerang arrow. 02-10




Eddie Bohn Motel
Denver, CO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

West Colfax is home to the Eddie Bohn Motel and former Pig 'N' Whistle restaurant. The Pig 'N' Whistle has been known as a local Denver landmark, opened since 1924. Original owner Eddie Bohn was a friend of famous boxer Jack Dempsey and the restaurant served many a celebrity, including boxer Sugar Ray Robinson who stayed at the motel.

Unfortunately, the boarded up restaurant was gutted by a fire on April 22, 2010 though the motel marquee is still intact. The motel and restaurant had closed in 1991. More information on the fire can be found in this Denver Post article. 04-10



Golden Motel Golden COGolden Motel
Golden, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Here's the marquee for the Golden Motel in Golden, CO. 09-10



Driftwood Motel Denver CODriftwood Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Check out this old roadside motel sign for the Driftwood Motel located along E. Colfax in Denver. 09-10






Riviera Motel Denver CORiviera Motel
Denver, CO
Photos courtesy Robin McCracken

Rivera Motel Denver COUPDATE 09/10 : Here are more recent photos of the Riviera Motel that's found along Colfax. Looks like the signage color has not changed over the years. 09-10

(Far right) The marquee for the Riviera Motel towering over the signs in front

(Near right) Check out he motel and the front overhang waiting for cars to enter



Cameron Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Here's another of Denver's great roadside signs of yesteryear. The marquee at the Cameron Motel reflects the size and angles of the signage style from decades past. 07-11










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