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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Starlite Motel (Gone)
Nephi, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a couple of googie like signs at the Starlite Motel in Nephi, UT. Check out the starburst on the sign to the near right.

On the far right, the main motel marquee shows off its huge arrow. Unfortunately, this motel sign doesn't appear to have neon anymore.



Dixie Palm Motel
St. George, UT
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Dixie Palm Motel features a roadside marquee with colors from yesteryear.



Parkway Motel
Kanab, UT
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Welcome to the Parkway Motel in Kanab, UT. This marquee looks like it could be quite a sight at night.



Airway Motel
Denver, CO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Another motel off the old highway is the Airway Motel in Denver with its rather standard marquee.



Wagon Wheel Motel
Twin Falls, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Motels by the name of Wagon Wheel usually have interesting marquees, and this one in Twin Falls, ID is no exception. Though the sign is fading these days, the spoked wheel still adds prominence.





Skylark Motel
Colorado Springs, CO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Skylark Motel advertises its comfortable rooms at reasonable rates. This place even has TVs in its rooms.

Check out the marquee at the left. This sign has the googie style holes at the bottom and the shape of a sign erected during the mid-century.









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