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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Foothill Motel
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this sign outside of the Foothill Motel, yet another cowboy or rancher themed marquee.



Riviera Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Look to stay at a vintage motel? Can't vouch for the lodging here, but the sign out front the Riviera will point the way... ha ha... 'er. Well, at least the colors on the sign should.




Holiday Lodge
Lander, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Lander, WY is home to the Holiday Lodge and a couple of great neon marquee on the side of the building.

Holiday Lodge (2nd sign)
Lander, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig





Parkway Motel
Billings, MT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Parkway Motel in Billings, MT features an early googie type of motel marquee.



Town House Motel
Billings, MT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

How about this flashback sign for the Town House Motel, also located in Billings. The lettering and shape of the main portion of the sign is a good reminder to the past.




Wrangler Motel
Colorado Springs, CO
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's another sign with a rancher peeking up on the marquee. The Wrangler Motel in Colorado Springs features a sign that would make John Denver proud.

Interestingly enough, this place is both a motel and a RV park, making things convenient for campers.













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