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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Trails End Motel
Dubois, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice marquee just outside of the Trails End Motel in Dubois, WY. Can't quite tell what the frame on top of the sign does or displays.



Holiday Motel
Jerome, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this marquee for the Holiday Motel. This motor court is located in Jerome, ID. Of particular note is the star and multi-colored balls surrounding the points on the star.



Zion Inn Motel
Cedar City, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice sign for the Zion Inn Motel. This Cedar City, UT establishment features a marquee that appears to be of the more recent variety. Check out the neon tubing around the lettering.





Waller's Motel
Hammett, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This old faded sign by the road appears to be all that's left of the Waller's Motel. Not sure if the motel itself is still standing.

(Near right) A close-up of the sign, with the a good shot of the paint that is peeling off

(Far right) Check out the trading post across the way that looks like the Hammett Trading Post



Evergreen Gables Motel
Idaho Falls, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Evergreen Gables Motel in Idaho Falls is located in a rustic area. The marquee in the shape of a pine tree just adds to the setting.

(Far left) A close-up of the marquee

(Near left) A picturesque setting showing the sign and the motel building on a nice sunny day



Evergreen Gables Motel
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn


UPDATE 09/06 : To the far right is a shot of the Evergreen Gables Motel marquee lit up. 09-06














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