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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Redford Motel
Glenns Ferry, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Redford Motel in Glenns Ferry, ID features a well painted sign out front. By the looks of things, this appears to be a rather quaint place to stay.


UPDATE 06/06 : My wife and I stayed three nights there while visiting the first three days of June. It is a quaint place to stay, very clean, moderately priced, and no frills to speak of. Owner is very congenial. Just thought I would confirm your suspicion. Many thanks to John Likes for update. 06-06



Sleepy Lagoon Motel
Beaver, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Sleepy Lagoon appears to be a sleepy old motel in Beaver, UT with a very nice marquee.



Galaxie Motel
Brigham City, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This space age looking motel is called the Galaxie Motel. You would half expect to see a flying saucer landing nearby.



Old Trapper Motel
Logan, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

It's been a long drive so far. Now shut down that "old trapper" while I look for a place to stay for the night... oh wait ... never mind!

This Old Trapper Motel features theme rooms of old trappers? Then again, they are mini theme-rooms.



Sunset Motel
Pueblo, CO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This old roadside sign is the marquee for the Sunset Motel in Pueblo, CO. This bears a striking resemblance to another Sunset Motel sign off Route 66.




Western Safari Motel (Gone)
St. George, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this great sign outside of the Western Safari Motel in St. George, UT. During a visit to the Western Safari by RoadsidePeek a few years ago (not related to this photograph), the front desk lady was very friendly and the place looked like a decent place to stay.


UPDATE : The Western Safari Motel is now gone.









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