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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Anchor Motel
Englewood, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The name Anchor is a common name for the old roadside motels. This one, the Anchor Motel in Englewood, CO features a rather prominent anchor on its marquee. 10-07



Palo Mar Lodge
Colorado Springs, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The Palo Mar Lodge in Colorado Springs still stands tall off of the roadside. 10-07



North Federal Valley Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The North Federal Valley Motel references its location in Denver. 10-07



Park Row Lodge
Manitou Springs, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Manitou Springs is home to the Park Row Lodge and this motel marquee. The sign advertises a mountain stream and color cable TV. The motel itself is well kept up. The sign appears to be googie like with its cool shape and the lettering. 10-07




Lazy K Ranch Motel
Vernal, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a fitting marquee for the Lazy K Ranch in Vernal, UT. Just seeing this sign will make you sleepy.

(Far right) Here's a close-up of the sleeping rancher on the marquee of the Lazy K Ranch Motel in Vernal. 11-07

Lazy K Ranch Motel
Photo courtesy Larry Glass



Rainbow Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Check out this motel with the rainbow on top of the roof. This motel is appropriately named the Rainbow Motel, found in Denver. 11-07










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