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Ruins and Relics Southeast


Hancock's Country Hams
Randolph County, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this relic found off the road in Randolph County on Highway 22. The Hancock's Ham's signage and lettering is a familiar sight for motorists and residents of the area alike. 11-10





Firestone Plant
Gastonia, NC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Firestone Plant is a Gastonia landmark of sorts. This place was the only new England mill style building I saw in the south that did not have it's windows bricked over with the advent of air conditioning. I do not know how much of the sprawling complex was used by Firestone, but banners now show that the structure is going to be restored into condos. 06-11





A few years ago I came across this grain elevator for Yelton's Best Flour in Spindale, NC. It is the perfect subject of a model railroad scene except for a big ugly silver box was clearly added later on to the upper level obscuring what was probably a nice ghost sign. Never the less, the Yelton's sign looks like a repainted vintage. (Richard Weiss)


Yelton's Best Flour
Spindale, NC
Photos courtesy Richard Weiss


The Yelton's photos give a hint at how colorful these signs painted on the sides of buildings really were and still on occasion are.

- Richard Weiss







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