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Drive-in Theatres East


Bath Drive-in (Gone)
Bath, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Bath Drive-in of Bath, NY sports the familiar lettering "closed for the season" on its marquee. Let's hope this is only temporary. 11-00


UPDATE 07/07 : Just a note that Bath drive in has been closed since the fall of 2005, a very sad state for many of us here. However, as of July 20, 2007 it has re-opened with the Rat Movie and Pirates 3. It will be open weekends only hopefully for a long long time. Many thanks to Dave Bentley for update. 07-07

UPDATE 12/10 : The Bath Drive-in was open for the 2007 season. In the Spring of 2008, they re-named the Bath Drive-in to Papa's Place Drive-in. The drive-in only lasted for one season under the new name. The drive-in was closed after the 2008 season. . Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 12-10

UPDATE 12/13 : The Bath Drive-in is gone, destroyed to build apartments It's a shame that drive-ins are rapidly going the way of the dodo bird. Many thanks to Connie Weller for update. 12-13



Silver Lake Drive-in Theatre
Perry, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Star Lake Drive-in also sports the "closed for the season" text on its sign. Hopefully, the drive-in will reopen again. This Perry theater appears to be in great condition and the snow just adds to its freshness. 11-00



Black River Drive-in Theatre
Watertown, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Over in Watertown, New York is the Black River Drive-in Theatre. Now obscured by overgrown brush, remnants of the Black River still remain, from the Marquee (left, bottom left) to the projection booth and screen tower (seen in the distance bottom right).

Black River Drive-in Marquee
Photo courtesy Jay Lin


UPDATE 08/06 : Very recently, a local couple put a lot of work into the theater, building a new concession stand and refurbishing the screen tower and yesterday (August 18, 2006) the drive-in was opened to the public for the first time in over 20 years! Many thanks to Erin Bastedo for update. 08-06

Screen Tower and Projection Booth
Photo courtesy Jay Lin



Westbury Drive-in (Gone)
Westbury, NY
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Looking for a good place to catch a drive-in movie in the Long Island, NY area? Well, until now you could have caught a flick at the Westbury Drive-in Theatre. But alas, Long Island's last drive-in theatre is now closed down, with a United Artists Theatre to take its place.


UPDATE 01/13 : This Westbury opened in 1953 and closed in 1998. The drive-in has indeed been torn down and the site is now home to the United Artists Westbury Stadium 12. For more information, see Cinema Treasures. 01-13









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