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Drive-in Theatres East


Hi-Way Drive-in (Gone)
Frackville, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here is the Hi-Way Drive-in near Atlas, Pennsylvania. The photographer "stumbled across this graveyard" on a trip out to Hersheypark. This drive-in definitely has a "California-style" look, with pastel colors and holes in the framework. A gem.


UPDATE 09/02 : Like the Greater Pittsburgh 5, the Hi-Way has met its fate with the wrecking crew. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 09-02




Weirs Beach Drive-in Theatre
Weirs Beach, NH
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out the neon marquee at the Weirs Beach Drive-in Theatre. The drive-in is still open and showing four movies at a time. According to the Weirs Beach website, the drive-in was opened in 1949 and is located right across the street from the famous Weirs Beach sign. 12-07



Moonlite Drive-In Theatre
Abington, VA
Photo courtesy Barry Wells

To the left is a shot of the Moonlite Theatre of Abington, VA. Recently featured in a couple of USA Today articles, the Moonlite is a open air treasure still in great shape today.





Mahoning Drive-in
Lehighton, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

An interesting marquee is found at the Mahoning Drive-in off Route 443 in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. Whatta arrow!The Mahoning opened in 1948 and has been a popular local site for movies ever since.


UPDATE 07/13 : The Mahoning, like all other drive-in theaters, is being required to convert to digital projection as film companies will soon stop releasing movies on film. The hope is that the theater will be able to afford the digital projection equipment which runs about $60k, or chances are the theater will be forced to closed.

In Spring of 2013, local volunteers in Carbon County spent weekends fixing up the Mahoning with the hope of preserving the theater for many more summers of fun. See this WNEP article about the volunteer effort . 07-13



Pike Drive-In
Montgomery, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Pike Drive-In is located off Route 15 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. The Pike is a multi-screener after screens 2 and 3 were added in the 1990's. This Montgomery ozoner favorite opened in 1954 and still shows movies in classic 35mm. For more information, see the Pike Drive-in official website.




Buffalo Drive-In Theatre (Demolished)
Buffalo, NY
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Buffalo, New York has not been exempt for the "great drive-in elimination derby" of the 90's. The only one left in the city, the Buffalo Drive-In off Harlem Road sports a nice 3-dimensional marquee.

UPDATE 12/10 : The Buffalo Drive-in closed up back in October of 2007 after the 2007 drive-in season. The drive-in was torn down in the Spring of 2008 to make way for a medical office complex. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 12-10









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