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Drive-in Theatres East



Greenville Drive-in Theatre (Closed)
Greenville, NY
Photo courtesy Barbara Brumell

The Greenville Drive-In, located in the Northern Catskills, in Greenville, NY is currently up for sale or lease.

See Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Greenville Drive-in Theatre for more information on the drive-in. If you're interested in the theatre, contact Barbara Brumell. 07-11


UPDATE 07/13 : The Greenville Drive-in Theater hasn't re-opened this season yet because of money problems. They are having flea markets and fundraisers now to be able to buy a digital projector for next season. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 07-13



Kane Road Drive-in Theatre (Closed)
Aliquippa, PA
Photo property of Google

The Kane Road Drive-in Theatre features a marquee that's fading over time. The drive-in opened in 1954 and has a capacity for 500 cars. The last night of operation for this one was Sunday night Sept. 15, 2013. For more information, see the Cinematreasures website. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 10-13






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