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Drive-in Theatres East


Greater Pittsburgh 5 Drive-in (Demolished)
North Versailles, PA
"The famous 2 wheeler"
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Yes it is the Greater Pittsburgh 5 Drive-In which opened back in 1954. This screen is currently on the hot list for demolition, despite its tremendous googie-esque marquee out in front. In fact, the marquee is so eye-catching, many passersby end up swooping into the parking lot on two wheels! Unfortunately, the theatre closed down in 1997.


UPDATE 09/99 : Despite it's great googish marquee and tendency to excite passersby, the Greater Pittsburgh 5 has been torn down. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 09-99



Deer Lake Drive-in
Atlas PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Speaking of pastel colors, the Deer Lake Drive-in of Pennsylvania holds its own in pastels. Alas, this drive-in is now defunct.





Twin Hi-Way Drive-In
Pittsburgh, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Sneak a peek at this great drive-in marquee. The Twin Hi-Way Drive-In in Pennsylvania sports a colorful sign with "a mural to boot!" This drive-in is closed, but remains in good shape. Let's hope the 'dozer doesn't roll by soon.


UPDATE 01/07 : Good news on the status of the Twin Hi-Way Drive-in. Regency Cinema Services Inc., a PA Based Corporation, has signed a lease to reopen the drive-in in the Spring of 2007. The sign and the rest of the drive-in will be restored to its original 1950's glory. This massive 400 car lot will provide state of the art entertainment and plans are almost definite to twin this magnificent drive-in after thirteen years of silence. Many thanks to Jerry Salnoris for update. 01-07

UPDATE 01/08 : Here's a shot of the Twin Hi-Way Drive-in Theatre and its screen tower. Many thanks to Jim Zahniser for photo update. 01-08


Twin Hi-Way Drive-in screen tower
Pittsburgh, PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser


UPDATE 12/10 : The Twin Hi-Way Drive-in is really doing great. They added a second screen to their drive-in in the Spring of 2009. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 12-10



Fork Union Drive-in (Closed)
Fork Union, VA
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Here's the Fork Union Drive-in Theatre in Virginia. Opening in the 1950's, the drive-in still looks in pretty good shape.

Fork Union Snack Bar?
Photo courtesy Charles Brock


The owner of the Fork Union Drive-in died in 2011, however the drive-in remained in the family and the 2011 season was run by his daughter. There is uncertainty on whether the drive-in will reopen in 2012.


UPDATE 07/13 : The Fork Union Drive-in closed up at the end of the 2011 season. and hasn't re-opened since. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 07-13










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