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Sit Down Restaurants Great Plains


Beverly's Pancake Corner
Oklahoma City, OK
Photos and info courtesy Tony Craig

Beverly's Pancake Corner is the last of Beverly Osbourne's Chicken in the Rough restaurants still standing in the OK City area. 02-07

(Far left) The marquee

(Bottom right) A close-up and the interior of Beverly's




Beverly's Interior
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

UPDATE 02/08 : The Beverly's Pancake Corner in Oklahoma City has moved a mile or two west along the NW Expressway. The current building pictured above is to come down Monday January 7, 2008. They took over "Madison's Pancake Place" at NW Expressway & Independence, and are now open 24 hours! However, the iconic pole sign by the street is going to be auctioned off  The minimum bid, according to the auctioneer, was $10,000.   Renee, Beverly's owner, was forced to move because the owners of the building are tearing it down. According to The Oklahomian, the old site will soon be home to Talbot's, the upscale women's clothing store. Many thanks to Mark Alfred for update. 02-08



Ox Yoke Inn (Removed)
Amana, IA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's the Ox Yoke Inn, located in Amana, IA. The Ox Yoke is home to some great steaks. 10-08


UPDATE 12/08 : The Ox Yoke Inn sign was removed in September 2008 to comply with an Amana Colonies sign ordinance adopted in 1996 which forbids neon signs. The Ox Yoke Inn opened in 1940 and then moved to the current site of the restaurant in 1950, a circa 1856 building. The sign dates back to around 1950. 12-08.



Nelson's Buffeteria
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Nelson's Buffeteria is a well known downtown Tulsa landmark for over 75 years. Or at least it was. Nelson's closed in 2004 to the chagrin of its buffeteria fans.

Fortunately in this case, there is a happy ending after all. According to Tulsa World , the same chef and food that was served at Nelson's Buffeteria will be served at Nelson's Ranch House at the former location of Debbie's Ranch House on E Third St. The original Nelson's Buffeteria was founded in 1929 and was known for its down-home cooking such as chicken fried steak. 11-10










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