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Avenue of the Dogs Midwest


Don's Hot Dogs
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy chibbqking

Check out Don's Hot Dogs in Chicago, IL. Don's is another roadside hot dog joint in the Chicago area that features a hot dog character, this one pouring mustard on itself on top of the roof. According to the sign, Don's has been around since 1963. 02-09



Duk's Hot Dogs
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy chibbqking

Route 66Check out this little hot dog stand that looks like it belongs on a boardwalk. Duk's Hot Dogs has been a part of Chicago since 1954 and was once called Donald Duk's. Once Disney got word of the name, they sued Donald Duk's for trademark violation of their venerable character Donald Duck. The owners had named the place after themselves. See this site for more information. 05-09



Gene & Jude's
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Next time you're in the Chicago, IL area, check out the Gene & Jude's. Located in Chicago since 1946, Gene & Jude's features some great dogs. 05-09



Doug's Dogs
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Doug's Dogs is an interesting hot dog joint found off the roadside. According to the Chicago BBQ King site, Doug's offers both beef and port hot dogs. Not only that, Doug's seems to have a statue of liberty figure on the top of the roof. And yes, Doug's is located in Chicago. 05-09



Cozy Drive-in
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Chibbqking

Of all of the hot dog joints in Springfield, IL, the Cozy Dog Diner Drive-in may be the most famous, at least among Route 66 aficionados. The brainchild of Ed Waldmire Jr., the Cozy Dog began featuring corn dogs after opening up for business back in 1946. The corn dogs became known as the original hot dog on a stick. 05-09



Tasty Dog
Oak Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Here's the sign for the Tasty Dog found in Oak Park, IL. This Tasty Dog self proclaims itself as having the "world's finest hot dog!".

The Tasty Dog features the depression era dog as well as the "salad style dog". For more information on the Tasty Dog as well as definitions on these styles of Chicago dogs, check out this site. 05-09



Brat Stop
Kenoshaw, WI
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

The Brat Stop is a roadside delight that is found off the road along I-94 in Kenosha, WI. For those passing through the area, it is hard to miss the huge "cheese" sign that looks like one of the Shell gas station signs from decades past.

The Brat Stop has been serving the area since the 1960's. Check out this site for more information, including tips on how to order the best brat here. 05-09










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