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Snacks and Stuff Midwest


Mel-O-Cream Donuts
Springfield, IL
Photos courtesy Chibbqking

The Mel-O-Cream Donuts in Springfield, IL is an old standby for a donut snack. Mel-O-Cream was founded in 1932 in Springfield during the Great Depression. Better days followed and the Mel-O-Cream expanded to 14 shops by 1980. Today, the business centers around manufacturing and wholesale distribution. See the Mel-O-Cream website for more information. 05-09


Mel-O_Cream marquee
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy William North



The DariThe Dari
Hebron, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Here's the roadside stop for The Dari in Hebron, IL. Stop by and have an ice cream treat at this place located along Main Street in Hebron. 08-10



Taylor-Maid CustardTaylor-Maid Frozen Custard
Sandoval, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Check out Annie's Taylor-Maid Drive-in found along North Mine Street in Sandoval, IL. This Taylor-Maid location features a couple of ice cream cone images that make it stand out along the road. 08-10




The DariAbandoned Ice Cream Stand signage
Morton, OH
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Taylor-Maid CustardTraveled to this tiny pretty much non-existent town of Morton and spotted an old neon sign that simply said "Eat", a true classic of yesterday's road side travels. I stopped to inspect this place. It looked like it had been abandoned for years, but was left as if it were to open for the next season which never came.



The sandwich price of $1.50 and the 80's style Pepsi sign and grass in front of the ordering windows are very telling of a place that has sat still for a number of years. Inside you could still see a 1950's starburst clock, a flower vase, and cups ready for service. It was probably closed in a very clean condition.


Old pricing from yesteryear
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss



What you see over the equipment are the acoustic asbestos ceiling panels that had started to come down, some of had dissolved almost to a pasty powder on top of the machines.

Starburst clock and pasty powder
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss


There was a blond wood 50's era display case that I could not get a photograph of. I see a lot of abandoned buildings in my travels but rarely one that was left 100% intact especially an ice cream stand as the equipment is always sold off for further trading. I was unable to find a name for this place, probably something like Morton Ice Cream. It looks to have been built in the mid 1950's and all these years later it is still miles from anywhere. 10-10










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