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Snacks and Stuff Midwest


Coney Island Custard Shoppe (Removed)
Streetsboro, OH
Photo and info courtesy Mark Hackett

Off Route 14 in Streetsboro, Ohio is Custard's Coney Island Shoppe. Plenty of chain stores, condos, and restaurants surround this happy icon of the past. Great malts and other treats can be enjoyed here throughout the summer season.


UPDATE 05/05 : The owner of the Coney Island Custard Shoppe has sold the business and a chain ice cream store is taking its place. And yes, the sign has been taken down. Word on the street is that the City of Streetsboro wanted the sign removed for some reason. A local historical society (Kent) says the sign is too big to save for their purposes. For now, the sign sits behind the building, laying flat. The neon hasn't worked in years, but the sign was a pleasant reminder of a simpler time. This sign may end up on eBay. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 05-05



Door County, WI
Photo and info courtesy Mary Koehler

Here is Wilson's in Door County Wisconsin, a very popular tourist/resort area. Established in 1906, Wilson's, which is located right on Highway 42, has grown in popularity with each succeeding generation of patrons. Year after year they return to Ephraim Wisconsin, Making Wilson's their first stop for relaxation, refreshment, and information.



Frostee Boy
Knightstown, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Check out the Frostee Boy, an old roadside soft serve ice cream stand located in Knightstown, IN.






Polly's Freeze
Lanesville, IN
Photos courtesy Rosalind Causey

The line looks long as visitors stop by for a tasty treat at Polly's Freeze. Check out the neon on the front of the building.



Polly's Freeze
Lanesville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Rosalind Causey

This is a little roadside treat called Polly's Freeze. It is a Summer favorite in Lanesville, IN. They have great burgers, corn dogs, and any soft serve ice cream delight you can think of! 08-06










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