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Roadside Taverns Midwest


Point View Bar
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

Check out this old sign for the Point View Bar, located in Gary, IN. This marquee in the parking lot features lettering that appears to date back to at least the mid-century. 06-05



Bud's Tavern
Schoolcraft, MI
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The neon still lights up at Bud's Liquor, located in Schoolcraft, MI. The different colors and the shapes of this neon sign make it a unique sight on its own right. 06-05


UPDATE 12/06 : Bud's is located in Schoolcraft, MI on US 131. Bud's is a tavern. Many thanks to Amy Arnold for update. 12-06



Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

This huge martini glass on this sign is outside of Iggy's in Chicago. 10-05



Encore Lounge
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Encore Lounge in Chicago also sports a large martini glass as its marquee. The neon on this glass lights up the sidewalk as evening drops in. 10-05



Heart of the North Bar
Mercer, WI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out this sign out front of the Heart of the North Bar in Mercer, WI. The colors itself on the sign make the sign stand out. 03-06






Kleptz Bar
Seelyville, IN
Photo courtesy Rick McOmber

This old sign is located out front of the Kleptz Bar in Seelyville, IN. 06-06



Port Huron, MI
Photo and info courtesy Rick McOmber

Here's an old bar sign located outside of the business in Port Huron, MI. 10-06













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