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Neon Eateries Midwest


The Pub
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

Another fine neon sign at an Indiana tavern establishment, The Pub lights up the sky with its martini glass shooting off some bubbly.



Bud's Liquor
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The neon still lights up at Bud's Liquor, located somewhere in Indiana. The different colors and the shapes of this neon sign make it a unique sight in its own right.



Olkie's Bar
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This sign for the Olkie's Bar can be better seen in person. The marquee features an Indian head all lit up in neon.



Steak n' Shake
Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Route 66Here's a familiar site for those in the Midwest. The Steak n Shake with its familiar neon glows as business continues to bustle.



Milty Wilty
Wautoma, WI
Photo and info courtesy Joe Koehler

Here's the Milty Wilty in all its neon glory. Located on Hwy. 21 in Wautoma Wisconsin, this has been a summertime favorite for locals and visitors for many, many years.



Mr. Weenie
Peru, IN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this night shot of the Mr. Weenie marquee in Peru, IN. Mr . Weenie is one of the remaining places that still features car hop service. This Peru, IN landmark opened back in the 1960's. 03-06







The Choo Choo
Des Plaines, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

Here's a neon shot of The Choo Choo sign located in Des Plaines, IL. This February 2006 shot captured the neon for the hamburgers on wheels in full effect. 08-06

For more photos and information on the Choo Choo Restaurant, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Choo Choo. 10-13










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