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Other Roadside Motels Rocky Mountains

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Big Bunny Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The Big Bunny Motel was formerly called Bugs Bunny Motel. Check out the silly rabbit sitting on top of the marquee. 11-07



Lucky U Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The Lucky U Motel in Denver features a tall sign that in the shape of a shamrock. 11-07



Rocky Mountain Motel
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The Rocky Mountain Motel is known for it neon sign that has the Rocky Mountains as part of its sign. 11-07





Apache Motel
Moab, UT
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The picturesque town of Moab in Utah is well known for its proximity to Arches National Park. A few eye catching signs can also be found in Moab, including this one for the Apache Motel. 11-07



Trails End Motel
Sheridan, WY
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The name Trails End is a popular one for roadside motels. Fortunately, many of the signs that bear this name are quite eye-catching. Here's one located in Sheridan, Wyoming. 11-07



Stardust Motel
New Castle, WY
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

This unique sign is found at the Stardust Motel, located in New Castle, WY. 12-07



Zion Inn
Cedar City, UT
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

This diamond shaped sign is the marquee for the Zion Inn. The Zion Inn is located in the town of Cedar City, UT. 01-09











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