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Candlelight Motel
Columbus, GA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Here's the Candlelight Motel of Columbus, GA. This motel is located on the main thoroughfare between Columbus and Fort Benning.



The Wigwam Motel
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Check out the Wigwam Motel near the Smoky Mountains National Park. Still doing well business-wise in 1998, the Wigwam is a true roadside stop.



Budget Motel
Dillon, SC
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

The Budget Motel with its pretty tall vertical neon marquee is located on 301 in Dillon, South Carolina. It is just a few feet from South of the Border. You can see one of their florescent billboards in the background.



Wigwam Motel
Cherokee, NC
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Here's a photo of the Wigwam Motel in Cherokee, North Carolina. This part of the Smoky Mountains is big on Indian themes. There is an Indian casino as well as museum and plenty of opportunities to have your picture taken with a chief. A small white sign out front says "We are not high!" Hopefully, they meant the prices.



Pink Motel
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Motel signs can't get any better than this one! The Pink Motel captures fantasy with its pink fairy passing her wand over the marquee. This motel appears to be straight out of Storybook Land. From the looks of things, this motel appears clean and is always busy.


UPDATE 10/13 : The Pink Motel is located on the Oconaluftee River on US- 441 in Cherokee, NC. It was still operating in April, 2010 with that beautiful pink sign. Many thanks to Don Milne http://www.roadtrip62.com for photo and info. 10-13


Pink Motel from 2010
Photo courtesy Don Milne



Motel Cave Tours
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

The sign depicting a Native American sits outside a site specializing in cave tours.















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