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Skylit Motel
Winchester, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's an old roadside motel. The Skylit Motel is located n Winchester, KY. 10-05



Wind Mill Motel
Nicholasville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Wind Mill Motel is still open for business in Nicholasville, KY despite it rather faded marquee. Actually, it appears that the rectangular sign above was made at a different date than the faded out lower one. 10-05



Laurel Lodge Motel
London, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out this marquee for the London Lodge Motel, located in the appropriately named town of London, KY. 10-05



The Kimball Moore Motel
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Lexington is home to another faded out motel sign. Check out this rusted out marquee outside of The Kimball Moore Motel. 10-05





Sunset Motel
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Sunset Motel in Lexington appears to be an old motor court, complete with rooftop lettering. 10-05



Robert E, Lee Motel (Demolished)
Abingdon, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Robert E. Lee Motel in Abingdon, VA. The sign even has a profile of General Lee. This motel was once of the first three places in the country where Kentucky Fried Chicken could be purchased. 03-06


UPDATE 05/09 : The Robert E. Lee Motel on Lee Highway was approved for demolition by the Washington County Board of Supervisors on April 15, citing the reason as threat to public health and safety. The Board also requested that the County Administrator look into saving the historic sign. 05-09

UPDATE 05/13 : The Robert E. Lee Motel was demolished on October 12, 2009. 05-13

For more infomation, see Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures feature on the Robert E. Lee Motel. 06-14



Beverly Motel
Mobile, AL
Photo courtesy Phil Proctor

This neon diver and the Beverly Motel creates quite a splash in Mobile, AL. 04-06













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