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Candlelight Motel
Ozark, AL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Candlelight Motel in Ozark, AL features a fine roadside sign. The marquee shows of a lit up candle, fitting tot he motel's name. Not sure if the sign is of the neon variety though. 01-09



Georgian Motor Court
Cordele, GA
Photo courtesy Kate Durall

Here's an old sign for the Georgian Motor Court. This roadside gem located in Cordele, GA shows off its classic colors and neon lettering. 11-08




Pine Lake Motel
Pike Road, AL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

This marquee is located outside of the Pine Lake Motel. The motel features the colors and shapes of the mid-century era. Check out the way the arrow boomerangs over and the motel letters are in almost a kidney shape. 01-09



Lee Motel (Closed)
Pell City, AL
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The Lee Motel located in Pell City, AL still has an old faded out sign with some character. The sign looks like all of the neon has been stripped away for some time. The Lee Motel was abandoned when this photo was taken. 01-09



Norris Dam Motel
Lake City, TN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

This marquee is from the Norris Dam Motel in Lake City, Tennessee. The old 3-level mountainside motel is apparently now being used as a private residence. 11-09



Polk Motel
Columbia, TN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this old roadside sign for the Polk Motel. Found in Columbia, TN, this sign call out its "50 beautiful units" while the neon vacancy letters call out that there are rooms available. 11-10













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