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Tarrymore Motel
Jackson, MS
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a vintage sign for the Tarrymore Motel. The sign points the way in to this motel that is located in Jackson, MS. Can't tell if this sign lights up at all though.



Motel Sign
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

This motel sign billboard still sits outside this quaint looking lodging area in Arkansas.



King Motel
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Stop by the King Motel and take a moment for a dip in the swimming pool. Not sure how deep the water is here, though.



Warrior Motel
Whittier, NC
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

By all accounts, it looks like the Warrior Motel in Whittier, NC has gotten the chop. A drive through the parking lot revealed vacant motel rooms and a registration office that had become a ghost rider in the sky. Hopefully, the classic motel along US 19 is just undergoing renovations. When its majestic sign was lit, the Indian yielded a neon tomahawk that bobbed up and down.



Lookout Lodge
Chattanooga, TN
Photo and info courtesy Tony Craig

The Lookout Lodge in still standing in Chattanooga, TN. The hotel itself is spooky and empty.



Birmingham Motel
Birmingham, AL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a roadside sign for the Birmingham Motel, located in none other than Birmingham, AL. The little figure on the top is a swimmer or diver.




Etowah Motel
Etowah, TN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Etowah Motel in Etowah, TN. The old weathered sign points the way into a ghostly location.















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