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Neon Eateries Southern California


Bun n' Burger
Alhambra, CA
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo


Here's the neon sign for the Bun n' Burger in Alhambra. This interesting neon sign looks to have a chicky looking person carrying a couple of burgers in hand.

(Near right) A close-up of the "chicky" person.



Bambu Hut (Removed)
Ontario, CA
Photo and info courtesy Dan MacPherson

The palm tree points the way to the Bambu Hut in Ontario, CA. This neon palm tree has been around for decades. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and the Bambu Hut is now history.



Baskin Robbins
Oceanside, CA
Photo and info courtesy Jimmy Bowman

Off the old 101 in Oceanside, CA is this sign for the Baskin Robbins ice cream. The lettering for the ice cream still stands out at night, though the sign was recently modified. Check out the colors on the letters.




Mel's Drive-in (formerly Ben Franks)
Hollywood, CA
Photo courtesy Kirk Maillet


Off Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is a former coffee shop now converted into a Mel's Drive-in back in 1997. This Mel's location was once a Ben Frank's, which was a famous location that closed down in the mid-1990's after being open since 1959. Fortunately, Mel's has maintained the googie structure has been a 24 hour hot spot on its own.



Jack's Restaurant
Whittier, CA
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo


Here's the other Jack's in Whittier, called Jack's Whittier Restaurant all lit up for business. By the looks of things, Jacks is pretty well known for its flavorful fried chicken, not to mention its neon marquee! Jack's Whittier is the first of the two restaurants named Jack's. Opening in 1933, Jack's received a refresh in 1959.

(Far right) Check out this close-up look at the neon on the Jack's Whittier Restaurant sign

(Near right) A look at the fried chicken sign









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