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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Lincoln Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Lincoln Motel in Chicago, IL still points the wayward traveler in towards its lodging. This sign is one of the survivors along the main Lincoln route in the Windy City. The Lincoln Mtoel was built in 1958 and still features its grand marquee complete with neon lettering and a big swooping arrow.


UPDATE 09/17 : The Lincoln Motel was demolished in November 2007 after being condemned. An empty lot remains. 09-17



Heart O Chicago Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

An eye-catching sign in its own right, the Heart O Chicago Motel features red, white, and blue colors just in time for Independence Day.



Patio Motel (Gone)
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Patio Motel still features its bulbed sign out front. Here's a shot of the lettering as the sun strikes from across the sky. This motel that dates back to the mid 1950s sits along Lincoln Avenue.


UPDATE 09/17 : The Patio Motel and its cool sign are now just a memory. The sign slowly disappeared and the motel is now the North Park Inn. 09-17



Apache Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Apache Motel (Near right view)
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Chicago, IL is the home of the Apache Motel and its signature marquee. Check out the detailed lines on the image on top of the marquee. This motel was built in 1967 and is another of the Lincoln Avenue treasures in Chicago.

Motel signs like this one in the Chicago area are being torn down at an alarming rate



Seville Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Here's a shot of the Seville Motel in Chicago. This motel features a cool sign out in front with very descriptive lettering.


UPDATE 09/17 : The Seville Motel and its sign are now gone. The place is an empty lot. 09-17












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