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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Echo Motel
Photo courtesy Michelle K

Here's an old roadside sign for a motor court called the Echo Motel, located somewhere in Indiana. The signs says TV, but the letters say vacancy. What this means is a puzzle in its own right.



Duellman's Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Duellman's Motel sports quasi-holes in its marquee stand. Still an interesting piece of signage.



Hollywood Motel
Southgate, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Southgate MI is home to the Hollywood Motel and its colorful sign. Motel court marquees like this one can be a real standout, especially in this day and age of the plain backlit plastic signs.




Presidential Inn Motel
Cicero, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Look for a hot tub for two or even a free rubber ducky? Then the Presidential Inn of Cicero, IL is the place for you. Do you live nearby? Don't worry... get a room here and you'll still receive a free rubber ducky.



The Maples Motel
Sandusky, OH
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Here's a shot of the marquee just outside the Maples Motel in Sandusky, OH. Look, the motel is even heated!


U.S. Grant Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out this great sign for the U.S. Grant Motel.



Cottonwood Motel
Lewistown, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Cottonwood Motel sign in Lewistown still stands trying to capture travelers. Not sure if the neon tubing on this grand old sign still works today.



Capital Motel
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Capital Motel features lodging inside and near its marquee. Not sure if the sofa behind the tree is a recliner, though.



Belleville Motel
Belleville, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the sign for the Belleville Motel in Belleville, IL. This marquee appears to still be in great shape.












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