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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's an old motel sign that is barely standing up to the tests of time. This shell is located in Illinois. At one time, this sign proudly proclaimed that the motel offered TV and directed the wandering traveler to its office. Now, this sign just stands here rusting off the lonesome highway.



Linn's Motel
Herrin, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Linn's Motel near Herrin, Illinois features the fact that it's a heated motel court very prominently. It's seldom "seen advertised as big as the actual name." It's a real eye catcher, especially during these cold months.



2 Acres Motel
Greenville, IL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The 2 Acres Motel in Greenville, IL is ready for all types of extreme weather. Of course, until deregulation kicks in...



Indian Trail Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Indian Trail Motel sign sports the classic roadside motel look. Simple, yet elegant in the way it captures the unsuspecting traveler's attention.




Soy City Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the Soy City Motel of Illinois. This roadside motel sign is still in great shape.



Ranch Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

The Rancho Motel still beckons at travelers with its arrow and advertisement of TV on its marquee.



Mayflower Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

More treasures from Wisconsin... The Mayflower Motel is a neon sign centered around an image of the Mayflower ship. Quite pertinent for the Thanksgiving season!



Friendship Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Another Wisconsin treasure is the Friendship Motor Court. Instead of using an arrow, the shape of the marquee itself points toward the lodging area










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