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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Alpine Lodge
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out the Alpine Lodge with its dual weight saving holes in its marquee. Nice reminder of a bygone era.



Grand Thrifty Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Looking for a layover at an old motel that's also "thrifty?" Then stop by and visit the Grand Thrifty Motel in Illinois.





Sky-Lit Motel (Demolished)
Green Bay, WI
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The Sky-Lit Motel stands alongside the road in Green Bay, WI. Check out this roadside marquee with its giant starburst on top and painted starbursts on the signage stem. Even the lettering panels are in different shapes.


UPDATE 09/17 : The Sky-Lit Motel was demolished in 2015 and the sign no longer stands. The motel was removed after being acquired by the village of Ashwaubenon for the purpose of storm-water retention pools. 09-17




Rustic Motel
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This marquee for the Rustic Motel befits its name. This marquee looks like it was made out of old wood.



Powhatan Motel
Pocahontas, IL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Powhatan Motel in Pocahontas (sound familiar?), Illinois sports an arrowhead theme.



Ramada Inn
Effingham, IL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Ramada Inn in Effingham, Illinois is a huge sign. Still in great shape, this Ramada Inn sign is one of the more unique ones of this lodging chain.




Sand's Motel
Ottawa, IL

Here's a go Photo courtesy Don Gardnerod shot of a rather unique sign. The Sand's Motel marquee looks like it's about to electrocute itself.















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