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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Stardust Motel
Greenville, OH
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Here's an old mid-century motel sign with a distinct name from the past. The Stardust Motel in Greenville, OH still shows off its grand sign and colors. 09-08



Lockview Motel
Sault Ste Marie, MI
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Check out the marquee for the Lockview Motel, found in the town of Sault Ste Marie. The Lockview Motel is located next door to the Lockview Restaurant, not of the same ownership, however. 09-08




La France Motel
Sault Ste Marie, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The La France Terrace Motel is another roadside favorite found in this Michigan town. 09-08



El Kay Motel
Valparaiso, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Here's a shot of the old marquee at the El Kay Motel in Valparaiso, IN. 10-08



Moon-Lite Motel
Versailles, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out this treasure found in Versailles, IN. The Moon-Lite Motel sign appears to be in great shape and even features a crescent neon moon on the top of the marquee. 11-08



Huron Inn Motel
Port Huron, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Huron Inn Motel in Port Huron, IN still has an old roadside sign out front. Unfortunately, the neon has been removed from the sign. In fact, the "no" part of the no vacancy lettering was also removed. Perhaps, the motel no longer sells out during busy weekends these days like it once did. 11-08



Flamingo Motel
Port Huron, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Flamingo Motel is another old motel sign found in Port Huron. From the looks of things, the motel can still be eye-catching when dusk settles in this town. 11-08



Black River Motel
Wadhams, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Wadhams, MI is home to this old roadside sign and the Black River Motel. Although, the name say "black river", the river image passing through the middle of this old marquee is blue with a yellow river line. Maybe, the color changed when the "motel" letters were knocked off this sign. 11-08










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