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Other Roadside Motels Midwest


Pleasant View Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Pleasant View Motel features orbs surrounding a four-point star on its marquee, representing something out of the atomic age.



Star Lite Motel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This marquee for the Star Lite Motel features all sorts of different shapes and lettering. Another shot of this interesting sign is found below.



Baker's Motel
Zanesville, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Baker's Motel in Zanesville, Ohio features a molecule looking feature on top of its marquee that looks like some sort of Disneyland candy. Well... perhaps not.








Holiday Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's another motel from Wisconsin. Featuring a shape similar to an artist's palette, the Holiday Motel looks both circus-like and simple at once.

Check out the bright colors as they really catch the eye of the travelers and motorists passing through town.


UPDATE 09/17 : The sign was gone during a roadtrip search in 2014. Word is that the sign is now in a private collection. 09-17



4 Seasons Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Think googie is just a West Coast style? Well, think again. The 4 Seasons Motel in Wisconsin features multiple boomerangs over the motel building as well as block lettering. Red balls hover on a branch of the marquee to further catch the attention of the travelers passing through.



Pine Dell Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Pine Dell Motel marquee is more subdued, but contains a paper clip like shape in its sign out front. Check out the different font used in the motel name versus the vertical lettering.



Flagship Motel
Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

A great throwback to the days of signage creativity, the Flagship Motel marquee sports double boomerangs and numerous shapes. Still appears to be in great condition.














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