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Sit Down Eateries Midwest


Candle Lite Restaurant
Fort Wayne, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The neon candle light is prominently displayed at this Fort Wayne eatery called the Candle Lite Restaurant. 12-07


UPDATE 09/17 : The Candle Lite Restaurant is now named Klemm's Candlelite Cafe. The neon flame still exists, however the neon lettering is now gone. This place is known for their hearty breakfasts. 09-17





Nick's Restaurant
Anderson, IN
Photos and info courtesy Craig Selvey

Here are pictures of Nick’s Restaurant, located right at the location 2130 Broadway Street, Anderson, IN.  Broadway runs through Anderson running north and south and used to be State Road 9 before the state road was located a few miles to the east in order to by-pass downtown.  There are many old gas stations and restaurants on this street. This restaurant has great big windows and a long "sit down" counter. 01-08




Skyline Restaurant
Muncie, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Skyline Restaurant in Muncie, IN features a neon lit marquee that's quite eye-catching to passersby. 01-08


Olympic Flame Restaurant
Highland, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Highland, IN is home to this gem of a neon marquee. The Olympic Flame Restaurant proudly shows of its lights in Highland, IN. 01-08







Fox & Hounds Inn (Demolished)
Bloomfield, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Fox & Hounds Inn in Bloomfield Hills was a landmark restaurant dating from 1928. It always catered to the wealthy and remained virtually unchanged until the day the doors were closed. One of my earliest memories is of this place with its gold dome which as a kid really stood out as we would drive by.

The building, like many of the nearby mansions, was designed in the traditional Tudor style that was popular at the time. The building was sold to a developer who tossed down the standard "the building is in too bad of a condition to be saved" card.

At Christmas 2007, all that remained was the planter and trees you see in these pictures. The builder said it plans to incorporate some of the design elements into the new building so I am sure we can look forward to a cheesy looking structure sometime in the future much like across the street when a few years back they pulled down a few 20's era English style storefronts and put up what can only be described as a non-de script building. The last event held at the Fox & Hounds was a Woodward Dream Cruise party. 02-08










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