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Sit Down Eateries Midwest


Choo Choo
Des Plaines, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Choo Choo is a restaurant/diner that's been in business since the early 1950's. The Choo Choo has become a Des Plaines landmark since then. The sign even lights up at night.


Choo Choo sign close-up
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp


For more photos and information on the Choo Choo Restaurant, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Choo Choo. 10-13



Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty
Minocqua, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Hungry after a road trip? Appetite large enough to fit Paul Bunyan? Well, if you're fortunate enough to be in Minocqua, Wisconsin you're in luck! Stop by Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty, home of the "all you can eat" Lumberjack meals, and eat to your heart's content.





Milano Inn
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The Milano Inn is known for some pretty decent food in Indianapolis. Plus, this place has a couple of nice roadside signs (see below) on the property.



Mr. K's Restaurant
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Mr. K's Restaurant features a rather unique and large marquee in the parking lot. Check out this sign for this Chicago restaurant.


Mack's Fine Food
Elmhurst, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice sign for Mack's Golden Pheasant. This restaurant is located in Villa Park, IL and still features the image of a pheasant as part of its moniker.

According to the Mack's Golden Pheasant website, the business is the oldest continuously family owned restaurant in DuPage County and started up sometime in the late 1930's or early 1940's. After being devastated by fire in 1962, the Golden Pheasant was rebuilt and has been a survivor to this day.


UPDATE 11/09 : The marquee for Mack's Golden Pheasant was recently restored. The sign itself is dated inside 1936. 11-09










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