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Burger Joints Midwest


Sonny's Hamburgers
Redford, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

How about Sonny's Hamburgers of Redford, MI and their largely glass front.



Lakes Hamburgers
Novi, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

Here's the site of Lakes Burgers of Novi, MI. Another of the white colored roadside burgers of the Midwest.





White Tower
Dayton OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

A good example of the nostalgic decline of some of the old faithful chains, this White Tower is still cooking in Dayton, Ohio. Only one of two remaining in Dayton, White Tower is an old chain that used to be quite prevalent on the East Coast.


White Tower, 5th St.
Dayton, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans


Here are a couple more shots of the two White Tower Restaurants in Dayton, OH.
(Right) White Tower on 5th St.


White Tower, 3rd St. (Closed)
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans+

(Left) White Tower on 3rd St.


UPDATE 11/00 : The White Tower on 3rd Street is now closed. Signs on the window direct hungry patrons to the 5th St. address. Some may just make the trek over to Wympees across the street. Many thanks to Paul Witek for update. 11-00


UPDATE 09/13 : The White Lotus is clearly the former White Tower on 3rd Street. The awnings say "yummy burger" but it was closed so I could not give it a try. This burger joint is located across the street from Wympee. Many thanks to Richard Weiss for update. 09-13


White Lotus
Dayton, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss





The Giant Hamburgers
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

Here's the site of The Giant Hamburgers of Detroit, MI. Grab a pile of burgers here on a Sunday afternoon.












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