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Burger Joints Midwest


Carter's Hamburgers
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

Here's another Carter's Hamburgers, this one found in Detroit that's right up the alley of the other white burger buildings.





Des Plaines, IL
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Here's the marquee for one of the first McDonald's ever built. It's always great to see one of the original arches still intact, with a healthy looking Speedee.

(Far left) The familiar golden arch

(Near left) The old classic McDonald's in Des Plaines



McDonald's #1 Store Museum
Photo courtesy George Massman

The McDonald's #1 Store Museum is a "recreation of the first McDonald's Restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois by McDonald's Corporation founder, Ray Kroc, on April 15, 1955."





Dayton, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

A vintage place to eat is Wympee's in Dayton, Oh. This eatery is located on the same block as White Tower.


UPDATE 09/13 : Here are a couple of recent photos of Wympee. Unlike the White Tower across the street that is now a White Lotus, Wympee's exterior is largely unchanged over the past decade. Many thanks to Richards Weiss for update. 09-13


Dayton, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

To the far right is the Wympee exterior as seen from the sidewalk

To the near right is a photo of Wympee's from the perspective of the White Lotus (former White Tower).










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