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Burger Joints Midwest


White House No 1 Logansport INWhite House No. 1
Logansport, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here are a couple of photos of a burger joint in Logansport called White House No. 1. There was a fossil of a man working the grill, he was ancient and his back was bent.

While I was waiting for a stool, I was reading a newspaper article on the wall to the tune of "Lester Hettinger has manned the grill at Whitehouse No. 1 for 50 years". Yup, that was the guy running the grill. The Newspaper article however was from the year 2000 so the guy I was seeing was now 60. He was concocting some sort of a jumble of breakfast which looked fantastic so I asked what it was called, It was a local thing and not on the menu so he made me one too. I also had to have a burger on the side. The burger was great as is typical of these little places. I bought a t-shirt and was on my way. 10-10



Mr. Happy Burger
Logansport, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Western edge of Logansport is where you will find Mr. Happy Burger. It appeared to be closed on this Sunday afternoon. The giant bull with the chef hat was at the side of the place. It looks like the same bull I saw in the Irish Hills and in Mid Ohio. 10-10

(Far right) The marquee for Mr. Happy Burger in Logansport, IN

(Near right) The relative nondescript building at Mr. Happy Burger






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