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Burger Joints Midwest


Little Bros. Burgers
Royal Oak, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is a tiny and I mean tiny burger joint in Royal Oak, MI called Little Bros. Burgers. It is just down the street from the old Royal Oak Theatre. Because the Grand Trunk Western runs diagonally behind it, this place is actually a triangle in shape so there are only about 8 stools inside. Can you imagine how small the building behind it is? So small I was unable to take an interior photo.

I had a rather tasty three burger, fries and drink combo for six bucks. Not bad. Since these pictures were taken, there has been an outdoor seating area added to the left of the building. If memory serves this was formally known as the "Cozy Coney". 09-08



City Castle Hamburgers
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The City Castle Hamburgers in Gary, IN appears to have some sort of resemblance to the White Castle Hamburger name and signs, whether intentional or not. The City Castle appears to also serve pancakes in addition to showing off its great looking sign. 10-08







Powers Hamburgers
Fort Wayne, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

(Far left) The sign at Powers Hamburgers

(Near left) A view of Powers from across the street

Here's an old burger joint called Powers Hamburgers. Powers is located off of Harrison Street in Fort Wayne and has some good eats. With the soon to be downtown ball park for the Ft. Wayne Wizards, Powers should see an increase in evening business. 12-08



Miner Dunn Hamburgers
Highland, IN
Photo courtesy chibbqking

Miner Dunn Hamburgers is a well known eatery located in Highland, IN. Featuring the moniker "burgers done right", Miner Dunn has been a local favorite since 1932. 02-09



Top Notch Beefburgers
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy chibbqking

Top Notch Beefburgers is a south side institution that has been a Chicago landmark eatery since 1942. Top Notch is located on West 95th Street and is open 6 days a week. When you get there, the marquee for the place is hard to miss. For more information on Top Notch Beefburgers, check out their website. 05-09














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