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Burger Joints Midwest


Krekel's Burgers and Custard
Springfield, IL
Photos courtesy Chibbqking

Springfield, IL is home to many roadside eateries, one of which is Krekel's Burgers and Custard. Krekel's features grilled burgers and milkshakes and has been a Springfield institution since opening its first stand in Decatur, IL in the 1950's. See this website for more information about Krekel's as well as many other local favorites. 05-09



Henry's Hamburgers
Benton Harbor, MI
Photos and info Chibbqking

For those of you that have passed through Benton Harbor, MI, this old marquee at Henry's Hamburgers will most likely be a familiar sight. According to the Chibbqking site, the Henry's Hamburgers chain started in Chicago and during the 1960s proudly showed off its 200 locations across the states.

According to the Henry's site, the Benton Harbor Henry's opened in April 1959 and immediately established a reputation for service and value. The Henry's chain went defunct in the 1970s while this Benton Harbor location lives on, even adding in drive-thru service in 1988. 07-09



Roxy Hamburgers
St Joseph, MI
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Check out this neon sign at Roxy's Hamburgers located off the Blue Star Highway in St. Joseph, MI. According to Chibbqking, Roxy's Hamburgers is an old school drive-in type of eatery with lots of 50's era memorabilia. 07-09



Mr. J's Dawg 'N Burger
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Mr. J's Dawg 'N Burger is a late night staple in the downtown area of Chicago. Serving all sorts of late night eats like Chicago dogs, burgers, and gyros, Mr. J's is well worth a stop to address the late night munchies. Get more information on the food served here at Chibbqking. 07-09





Plymouth Super Center
Plymouth, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

This place called the Plymouth Super Center is just that. No simple gas station here. Like in the old days you can get service on your car and also a car wash, nothing unusual there. But there's more inside where there are post office boxes to rent, a DHL desk, and even a dry cleaner.

Plus there is a little grille where you can sit under a giant cheeseburger and eat something greasy all the while enjoying a splendid view of the parking lot. 02-10


(Right) Another view of the interior grille area of the Plymouth Center Center with its hanging burger off the ceiling

(Top left) The close-up of the hanging burger

(Top) The exterior of the Plymouth Super Center













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