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Burger Joints Midwest


The Ku Ku
Miami, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the Ku Ku Hamburgers marquee of Miami, OK. This sign is green enough to catch the eyes of hungry travelers passing by.



Hamburger Place
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

This place now advertises tacos on a much newer awning out front. The arrows point to the people waiting at the bus stop. 10-05



Magic Wand Burgers
Churubusco, IN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Magic Wand Burgers in Churubusco, IN features an eye-catching marquee out front. Check out the neon star on top of the sign. 03-06



Hinkle Hamburgers
Madison, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Madison, IN is home to this head stopper of a neon sign. The Hinkle Hamburgers features a well lit up neon sign off the roadside. 07-07





White Tower (Closed)
Toledo, OH
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Toledo, OH is home to this old White Tower, located in a a building that appears to be from the 1930's. It also appears to be not long for the world as the sign in the window seems to say this site is under review for an expansion for the YWCA. The building has been abandoned for at least a year. 08-08


UPDATE 08;08 : According to this Ohio Preservation Alliance site, the White Tower Restaurant needs to be relocated due to an expansion project by the YWCA. Many thanks to Richard Weiss for update. 08-08









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