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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Stone Bros.
Alton, IL
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

This marquee is for Stone Brothers Jewelers, located in Alton, IL. The business that began in 1960 appears to be permanently closed. 01-06



McCarty Studio
St Louis, MO
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

The McCarty Studio is still in business, though it appears that they have not maintained the sign. It looks like all the neon is gone. The camera looks a bit like an old Graflex Speed Graphic press camera. 01-06



Michigan News Agency
Kalamazoo, MI
Photo courtesy Russ Havens

Here's an eye-catching roadside sign for the Michigan News Agency. The marquee boasts of the business having been around since 1947. Wonder how old the sign is. 01-06







The Gravois Bootery has featured an old neon sign on its front facade for at least a few decades, providing boots of all types to its customers. However, a trip down Gravois Road in St. Louis showed that the bootery has closed and has been replaced by a business called Cafe Milano. Photos and info courtesy Dennis Dixson 02-06


Gravois Bootery (2005)
St Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

Milano Caffe (February 2006)
St Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson




La Salle, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This old mid-century era sign for Senica's is located in La Salle, IL. 03-06



Albino's Meats
Ashtabula, OH
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The red pig on this neon marquee points the way to Albino's Meats in Ashtabula, OH. Albino's Meats is a meat market located off of Lake in Ashtabula. 03-06












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