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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Campground
Lake Delton, WI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the fun marquee for the Jellystone Park Campground in the Wisconsin Dells area. The Jellystone resorts were founded in 1969 with the first park built in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Today there are 79 licensed campgrounds spanning across 30 states, each with themed Yogi Bear elements. 03-06



Hayward, WI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The letters for live bait and tackle feature prominently on the marquee at Pastikas in Hayward, WI. The fish and colors of the sign points the way into the shop. 03-06




Heinz Furniture
Carlinville, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out this old roadside sign for Heinz Furniture in Carlinville, IL. 04-06



Lowry Farm
Pittsfield, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a faded out roadside sign for the Lowry Farm in Pittsfield, IL. It appears that the horse on the sign used to be neon lit and animated to boot. Not sure if the sign ever lights up these days or if there are plans to restore the sign. 04-06




J.H. Glaser
St Louis, MO
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

This is of the J. H. Glaser & Son Marine Supply Company, on Natural Bridge Road in St. Louis, Missouri. The business looks like it has been closed for a while now. Natural Bridge Road used to be a major route into the City of St. Louis from the suburbs in St. Louis County. The neighborhoods and small municipalities along this stretch of road are now run down and mostly abandoned. Most people avoid this area is possible taking the major highways downtown instead. There was certainly never any body of water nearby to warrant having a marine supply store in this part of town. A lack of well off middle class commuters (potential customers) passing by each day must have finally done them in. 12-06



Commerce, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a classic shot of a real roadside gem, located in Commerce, Michigan. However in this case, the gem is the 1964 Bonneville, posing under this Kmart sign in Commerce. Look for this roadside treasure (the Bonneville) to be in an upcoming Will Ferrell movie soon. 02-07














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