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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Ironton, OH
Photo courtesy Rick McOmber

The letters say Goldcamps, but the neon looks to be broken off of this Ironton, OH storefront. 03-07



Capitol Fur Co.
Lansing, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Lansing is.. er was home to Capitol Furs. This sign went to a private collector when the place closed in '05 or '06. Until than it was a complete unaltered 1940's or 1950's era storefront. 03-07



Wolf's Bakery
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 2004

The Wolf family operated this bakery called Wolf's Bakery for close to 50 years. In 1999, the Wolfs retired and the business was sold. The neon was removed and the sign was sprayed over with primer. I was crushed to see this sign go. My grandmother worked there in the 70's. Days later and to my amazement the original base color of yellow and maroon had reappeared. The baker outline was repainted and a few days later the lettering was masked off and repainted in its original form. All the light bulb sockets were repaired or replaced. What a pleasure it was to see this sign restored when so many are being torn down. 04-07





Kowalski Sausages
Hamtramck, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Hamtramck is home to Kowalski sausages and this sign showing a giant sausage on a fork along with a very faded sign for the 75th anniversary of the company the side of the building. 03-07

(Far right) A shot of the big Kowalski sign

(Near right) The big sausage really stands out along the road in this neighborhood



Kowalski Sausages 75th Anniversary sign
Hamtramck, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the Kowalski Sausages faded sign from 1995. This business has been around since 1920.



Wiegel and Kilgallen Realtors
Oak Lawn, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 2007

Federal Sign Company built this sign for the Wiegel and Kilgallen Realtors many years ago. It's just begging to be repaired. Only the last three letters in each name light up. 04-07













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