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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Swedish Pastry
Ashtabula, OH
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

The Swedish Pastry shop features a little grinning chef as part of its sign out front. The sign looks to be in good shape.



Live Poultry
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Looking for some fresh poultry for din din? Then check out the Live Poultry shop in Illinois. This old sign has a rusted out arrow that points down to the sign that calls out fresh eggs and fresh cut up poultry.




Kraftex Tile
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Kraftex Tile sign looks to be a porcelain sign that dates back decades. The letters on this sign is all lit up in full neon.



P.F. Nikolich Real Estate
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's another old sign located in the Chicago area. This one sits outside of the P.F. Nikolich Real Estate business. Check out the way that the arrow contains dozens of the little bulbs that light the way in.



Castle Rock Curios
St. Ignace, MI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This old roadside sign is for the Castle Rock Curios, located in St. Ignace, MI.


UPDATE 12/08 : Castle Rock Curios-It still survives because it is an easy exit from I75 but the neon is gone from the sign. Many thanks to Alan Culley for photos and update. 12-08

(Far left) A close shot of the Castle Rock Curios sign



Ideal Pastry
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Ideal Pastry features a vertical, possibly former neon, sign outside of its business.



Levinson's Bakery
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

Located on Devon Avenue in Chicago is Levinson's Bakery and this roadside sign. Here you can find braided loaves of Challah for under two bucks, such a deal. 10-05











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