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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Park TV (Removed)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1994

One afternoon during a bike ride I discovered the Park TV sign laying all around the garbage dumpster. I went home to get the camera. I wasn't sign savvy back then as I am now or that green "Sales ~ Service Sign" would be in my possession right now. It even has the Flashtric manufacturer tag on it. Notice the one support pole is rusted through. 06-07



Birmingham, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Located in the south end of Birmingham, MI, Blossoms features a nice roadside sign. 07-07



Michigan Portrait Studio
Wyandotte, MI
Photo courtesy Rick McOmber

Here's an old sign for the Michigan Portrait Studio that stands off the roadside in Wyandotte, MI. 07-07



The Swing Shop
Kansas City, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's the Swing Shop sign at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, MO. The Swing Shop is a gift shop featuring jazz related memorabilia and is located at the same place as The Blue Room. 11-07



Phillips Bakery
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Cook / 2005

Here's an old blade sign out front of Phillips Bakery in Chicago, IL. 11-07



Field's Fine Footwear
Marion, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

This old sign is located at Field's Fine Footwear, located in the Indiana town of Marion. 01-08




Harvest Super Market
Anderson, IN
Photo courtesy Craig Selvey

The yellow points the way into the market here in the town of Anderson, IN. Check out t his sign for the Harvest Super Market. 02-08



Karnes Sweeper Co.
Marion, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Marion is also home to the Karnes Sweeper Co. and this eye catching sign. 01-08













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