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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


furniture savanna ilFurniture
Savanna, IL
Photo and info courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Here is a fabulous old neon sign for a furniture store in Savanna, Illinois. The sign is faded and the neon is off, but still very cool! 09-10



Rockford Sausage Co Rockford ILRockford Sausage Co.
Rockford, IL
Photo and info courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Rockford Sausage Co. features a roadside worthy sign, off the avenue in Rockford, IL. 09-10





Luecke Jewelers Freeport ILLuecke Jewelers
Freeport, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Freeport, IL is home to this old jewelry store called Luecke Jewelers. According to the store's website, Luecke Jewelers has been located here at its original location since 1921 and is currently on its 3rd generation of family ownership. 09-10



Wright Jewelers
Saint Joseph, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This is old sign for the Wright Jewelers is found in the Missouri town of Saint Joseph. This sign appears to be a throwback to the day and age when smaller shops along a main street were where you would purchase a gold chain or two. 10-10



Ace Hardware
Janesville, WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

This huge rooftop sign is for the Ace Hardware in Janesville. This place is right across the street from the Rivers Edge Bowl. 11-10



Buse's Flowers
St Charles, MO
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Here's the blade sign for Buse's Flowers. This St Charles flower shop with this old sign stands the test of time. 06-11



Roy Cox Realty Co.
St Charles, MO
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Not sure how old this sign really is but it stands out along the road in St Charles, MO. Either way, this sign is infront of the Roy Cox Realty Co. 06-11





Fort Recovery, OH
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Here's the IGA sign located in Fort Recovery, OH. Check out the little yellow bulbs that still dot the rim of this sign. 06-11












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