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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a marquee for Food IGA. The initials 'IGA' stands for "Independent Grocers Association," a chain of independently owned supermarkets which can range from a simple mom-and-pop operation, to large mega-stores offering fresh seafood and cafeteria-style restaurants.

Many thanks to William Blankenship for info.




Simmons and Clark Jewelers
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's a nice vintage sign located in downtown Detroit for the Simmons and Clark Jewelers. Featuring Bulova watches.


UPDATE 01/07 : The Simmons and Clark sign disappeared sometime over the summer of 206. The sign was in great condition. What is also nice was that the facade of the store is completely art deco, unchanged, and also in perfect condition. The store still appeared to be in business. Many thanks to Richard Weiss for update. 1-07



Midline Exterminators
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Midline Exterminators is a fantastic marquee featuring both mid-century colors and a clock (not sure if its working) to boot.



Inskeep Bros. Printers
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Inskeep Bros. Printers features a marquee with a working clock on it, reminiscent of the 70's. This business is found in Columbus, Ohio.



Barber Shop
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Here's an old Barber Shop sign, still up and advertising in Indianapolis.



Richard Bennett Furniture
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The marquee sitting outside the Richard Bennett Furniture store features a marquee that's a flashback to the old days where colors and size made a difference between a sale and an empty register. Here's a shot of its ghost sign as well.







Cole's Furniture
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's Cole's Furniture, a throwback to a previous era. This Chicago store is the one-stop shop for furniture, appliances, and televisions.


Cole's Appliances
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's another shot of a Cole's Hotpoint in Chicago, IL.










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