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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


E. St. Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Here's an interesting sign from East St. Louis. Can't quite make out the lettering anymore. An example of a roadside sign that met the ravages of time.



Chicago Marine Sport Center
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's an old porcelain sign for the Chicago Marine Sport Center located in Chicago.




Drown's Dairy
Sandusky, OH
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Here's a dairy in Sandusky that you don't want to drown in. ha... 'er. Drown's Dairy features a fine marquee that points the way in to the vanilla custard.



Smithereen Exterminators
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Smithereen Exterminators is another great sign in IL. The sign appears to be neon with a mouse image directly in the center.




Better Shoes For Less
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This sign for the Better Shoes For Less factory outlet is a reminder to old main street America. The colors are in red, white, and blue. Not sure what type of business resided here in the past and whether or not it was always a shoe store.



Federhofer's Bakery
St Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

Here's a great road sign sign at Federhofer's Bakery in St. Louis. Check out the detail on the baker and cake as well as the colors and lettering on the sign. A true roadside delight. 10-05



Trautwein's Shoes
St Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

This old time shoe store features the red wing bird on the marquee. Trautwein's is a real throwback to a time when shopping conveniences could be found just down the street. 10-05















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