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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Bennett's Appliance Store
La Porte, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

How many of you remember the old Bennett's Appliance Store in La Porte, IN. Although the sign still stands off the building side, this is now a craft and flea market type of business. 05-09



Anthony's Flowers
Flint, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The rooftop facade integrated as a sign is found in Flint, MI at the Anthony's Flowers store. 06-09



Cadillac Hardware
Detroit, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Along the road in Detroit, MI is this old weather beaten sign for Cadillac Hardware. According to a few fellows from the church across the street, the church plans to demolish the long vacant store in the near future. So if you are in the need of a classic old sign that needs a lot of work, pay a visit to the church before it is to late. 10-09



Red Wing Trading Post
Eagle River, WI
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Check out the Red Wing Trading Post in Eagle River, WI. The large marquee comes complete with a neon lit Native American headdress on top. 10-09



Levinson's Bakery
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp

Here's a rather eye-catching sign for Levinson's Bakery in Chicago, IL. 11-09



Butch's Shop Rite
Antigo, WI
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

The familiar red and white block letters show up on the wall of Butch's Shop Rite. Butch's is a grocery store in Antigo, WI. 10-09





Willow Springs, IL
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp

Willow Springs, IL is home to this roadside sign for this banquet facility called Willow-Brook. 11-09



Triple A Heating Co.
Warren, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's an old roadside sign found off the 8 Mile in Michigan. This marquee for the Triple A Heating Co. looks like it's had it neon stripped off for some time. 02-10










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