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Other Roadside Signage Midwest


Indian Village
St. Ignace, MI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out a couple of the great Native American themed signs at the Indian Village located in St. Ignace, MI.

(Near right) The Indian Village teepee sign angled to catch the eye of travelers passing by.

(Far right) The Indian with bow and arrow sign. This sign looks like it lights up at night. Neon.




UPDATE 12/08 : The Indian Village Curios is still open for business and close enough to downtown and the ferry docks to see some good traffic coming through. These are the only neon signs left at the Indian Village Curios since they took the neon tubes off of the signs on the building itself. Many thanks to Alan Culley for photos and update. 12-08

(Far left) A close-up shot of the Indian figure shooting with the bow and arrow

(Near left) A close-up of the marquee now sporting that there is a "free" museum here.

Indian Village Curios
Photo courtesy Alan Culley



Wonder Bread
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Located in Indianapolis is a classic Wonder Bread marquee, standing tall in the snow.



Atlas Supermarket
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

Here is the Atlas Supermarket, which after 50 years in business closed down late last year. Dave Letterman had worked there as a grocery bagger. He still references it sometimes on the show.



Dryer's Shoes
Columbia, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's the marquee for Dryer's Shoes, located in Columbia, MO. Not sure why there's a rooster on the sign, though.



Awrey Bakeries
Livonia, OH
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

The Awrey Bakeries features a Van de Kamp's like windmill as its marquee.















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