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Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI. The theatre opened up in 1928 as the Kunsky Royal Oak and today serves as the home for shows, musicals, and dance productions. See more information at the Royal Oak Music Theatre site. 08-08



Washington Theatre
Quincy, IN
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Quincy, IN is home to this old historic theatre called the Washington Theatre. The theatre opened its doors on June 19, 1924 as a vaudeville theatre then became a movie theatre almost half a century later in 1971.

In 1982, the theatre closed down and became at risk. More recently, thanks in part to the Friends of the Washington Theater, this historic building may once again entertain the public. 09-08



Hoosier Theatre
Whiting, IN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Hoosier Theatre in Whiting, IN was built in 1924 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hoosier used to have a twin called the Garden Theatre in Indiana Harbor, but that one is now gone. More information can be found at the Hoosier Theatre website. 10-08



The Glen Theatre (Closed)
Gary, IN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Glen Theatre is an old neighborhood theatre located in Gary, IN. The billboard is now blank as the theatre is closed.

The Glen is now open as a performing arts and African-American venue. The new face brick you see was done about three years ago, the original face was yellow glazed brick, kind of plain, but original. 10-08



Town Theatre
Highland, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The old Town Theatre is a single screen theatre that opened in 1946. According to Cinema Treasures, the theatre showed foreign films in the 1970's. 10-08





Boarman's Roxy Theatre
Shelbyville, IL
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Illinois town of Shelbyville is home to the Boarman's Roxy Theatre. The Roxy has recently been renovated and according to its website, the picture and sound have been updated. 11-08

(Far left) A view of the theatre from across the street and looking straight at the facade

(Near left) A view walking up the street to the Boarman's Roxy Theatre









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